Corporate Staffing Service

Why Staffing?

Employees want it • Businesses need it • It’s good for the economy • STAFFusion provides it

Why Staffing? Flexibility.

The Flexibility Factor


For Employees, For Businesses, For The Economy.STAFFusion creates jobs. We offer flexibility to our employees, additional income, training and/ora bridge to permanent employment.

Job Flexibility


Employees Want It.Today’s talent increasingly seeks job flexibility. STAFFusion provides it. Flexibility in schedulingand location to fit busy lifestyles. The ability to choose among diverse and challengingassignments. And–for those who want it–STAFFusion offers a bridge to permanent employment.

Work Force Flexibility


Good For Business.When businesses need access to talent and strategic work force flexibility, STAFFusion delivers.STAFFusion provides the talent that U.S. businesses need to keep fully staffed during busy times.