Corporate Social Responsibility


Ethics & Financial Integrity

Obeying the Law

We respect and obey the laws, rules and regulations applying to our company and line of work.

Competing Ethically

We do not engage in or tolerate unethical or illegal trade practices.

STAFFusion is an American Staffing Association Member

Acting with Integrity

We do not offer or accept bribes, kickbacks or inappropriate gifts or entertainment. We engage in business practices that are consistent with our ethics and values.

STAFFusion Financial Integrity

Integrity of Recording and Reporting our Financial Results

We properly maintain accurate and complete financial and other business records and communicate full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable financial results and other material information.

Protecting Assets and Information

We maintain the confidentiality of information and employee data given to us, and do not use any of said information for unauthorized use.

Social Awareness

Giving Back

STAFFusion participates in various community events. As a long-term, active member of the Washington County Manufacturers’ Association we participate in fundraising efforts for the annual educational scholarship fund.

Trinity High School logo

Trinity High School

Trinity High School is the alma mater of our CEO & Founder, Paula Brown Davey ('80).STAFFusion supports families in the school district through the Hillers Holidays Helpers annual Christmas gift giving season.

White church


Team STAFFusion staff members donate and participate in the worship of their individual choice.

STAFFusion Boxes for a Cause

Swag Bag

Several times a year STAFFusion creates Boxes for a Cause. Included in those boxes are Swag Bags with items creating awareness.

Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability

STAFFusion Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business

The mission of STAFFusion is connecting Talent, Diversity & Business through Staffing. Our 8 Step Staffing System methodically vets and delivers what companies demand, flexible staffing fast. Whether our people are reading meters, inputting data, packing boxes, delivering products or manufacturing goods, clients trust the quality people we provide; most times clients are so satisfied with our associates they choose to hire them.

STAFFusion Safety Logo

Employee Safety

The safety and health of our employees is our top priority. The Certified Safety Committee trains and tests on safety skills and performs a 12 panel drug screen with adulteration on every candidate. We reward attendance, performance, and safety. Our Safety Skills training platform provides high-end, competency-based, custom built e-learning courses for environmental, health & safety, human resources and clerical support education. The training is created by experts in safety and environmental health, helping industries reduce the environmental and occupational risks. Content is tailored to the needs of clients, providing efficient, effective methods to deliver quality safety education.


We adhere to all national, state and local regulations.

Environmental Stewardship

STAFFusion adheres to the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices not limited to purchasing and use of supplies.

Human Rights

STAFFusion Respects Human Rights

Respecting Human Rights

STAFFusion follows the principles that businesses should respect and support identified human rights and should not participate in human rights abuses. At STAFFusion, these critical principles are integrated into our core values and the way we conduct our business.

Forced Labor

We prohibit the use of any indentured or forced labor.

STAFFusion Equality, Diversity, Inclusion logo

Respecting Diversity and Fair Employment Practices

We are committed to respecting a culturally diverse workforce through practices that provide equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees based on merit. We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, prejudice, and unfair treatment of employees.