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STAFFusion, an Employment Recruiting Agency 8 Step Staffing Solutions

STAFFusion is What Businesses Need

Our staffing solution process works in 8 steps:

Step 1


Develop long-term relationships by establishing and meeting or exceeding the needs of the clients. Work site visits to focus on requirements of each job and client specific customized programs.

Step 2


Proactive sourcing: ongoing searches utilizing a variety of sources, partnerships and social media with a focus on veteran recruiting.

Step 3


Transparent screenings, surveys and assessment tools that measure integrity, reliability, productivity and talent.

Step 4


Screening and selection interviews that encompass a variety of techniques which measure behavioral and compatibility traits of every candidate.

Step 5


Work, criminal, credit, and drivers’ history, educational and professional credentials pertinent to the job are verified. We use E-verify to confirm legal status.

Step 6


Drug screen and physicals for required positions combined with the evaluation, interview, and verification assure the client of consistent, quality staffers.

Step 7


Employees are oriented to client standards, policies and procedures, and benefits. Our in-house safety department provides individual, modules and 10 and 30 OSHA compliant training.

Step 8


Ongoing communication, quick response, customized client programs, enhanced client services and 24/7 availability is why clients develop a partnership with our staffing, recruiting, and human resource consulting firm.

Transforming Your Business with Our Staffing Solutions

The war on talent
has never been more FIERCE

Companies are expected to respond On Demand with agility and results in a uncertain economy.

  • Companies are Having Difficulty Hiring at all Levels
  • The Skills Gap is Growing
  • Companies are Growing
  • Positions are Unfilled for Months
  • Candidates are Declining Offers
  • Employees are Seeking New Opportunities
  • Counteroffers are Being Rejected

Companies are expected to meet demands of increased productivity, safety compliance, diversity and sustainability.

Faced with these Challenges you need expert business partners who understand your needs and will collaborate with your team to maintain your competitive edge in the global marketplace.